Strong for Life! - Fitness Bootcamps in SE Calgary!


"Hi Erin, I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Bootcamps and even making me enjoy them! You really understand the importance of individual needs and I am sorry you are moving away from Vancouver as I was really looking forward to my next session with you. I am impressed with the way you run your business, while making everyone feel so welcome and comfortable (and pushing my lazy butt)." - Dylan 

"I have been trained by Erin and Nicole for almost 3 years now…I love their classes!! Not only are they a great challenge but a lot of fun too!!  I have met some great friends as well as improved my strength and cardio!!  I highly recommend taking their classes!!"-Joanne  

"I just wanted to say thanks! When I started working out after Zach was born I was nervous for some reason. It was great coming to your boot camp. I am doing things like pushups from my toes and real sit-ups that I haven't been able to do in years! I really enjoy the workouts that you planned. Never boring and never easy!!  Thank you for helping me get back into shape and rekindling my love for fitness!" - anonymous

"I just wanted to say how thrilled I was to successfully get a work-out with 2 kids in tow yesterday!!! I have already raved about it to a friend and will pass on your info:) I haven't worked out at that intensity since pre-children, 4 years ago. The exercises were hard, which I was SO stoked about because I'm sure to gain strength fast! Thanks for bringing so many great toys- the firetruck, cars, etc. kept my son occupied enough for me to exercise. Loved the class:)" - Karen  

"Tough classes and a great opportunity to get in some fitness with two kids along. Both kids, ages 9 months and 4 years were happy and busy. " - Renate  

"This was such a great class! I highly recommend it. It was nice to have some time to get in an AWESOME workout and know that my son was having fun at the same time. After almost a year of doing next to nothing in terms of fitness, I feel stronger already after one 4 week session with Erin and can't wait to start the next one. Thanks!"  -Jhan  

"Thanks Nicole and Erin for the fun and tough classes!!" - Jen & Mark 

"Love the class, great instruction and motivation, and I actually want to keep going back!" -anonymous  
"The Strong For Life Bootcamp class is amazing and can be done at any stage of fitness you are at. I recommend it to anyone as it allows you to progress at whatever fitness level you are. As a very busy mom, it’s hard to find time for myself. This class allows me to get a fantastic workout in while my kids play at the park beside us. We look forward to each class, and it’s a great opportunity to meet other people in the area and get a great workout at the same time." -Sandy  

"Hi Erin, I look into the mirror and see the changes to my body and I feel proud. I used to get out of breath just walking a couple blocks, but now I can run a couple blocks, then run around the pond a few kilometres and run back home....and do pushups when I get there! However your program is much more to me then just getting in shape. I chose to change my life after experiencing loneliness and depression. Your Bootcamp class lets me get out of the house and meet new people every week without leaving my children behind. I get positive reinforcement from you, yet you know when to push me so I can get to the next level. I love the fact that my son looks forward to going and runs up to give you a hug when we get there. And even though we may complain that it hurts or is hard we are loving every minute of it because you make it fun. I hope this helps you get some insight to why I keep coming back! Thanks for everything!" -participant for 3 years  

"Nicole and Erin, I just wanted to pass along some positive remarks about your bootcamps! Prior to taking your class (for the first time) I took a class with another company. It was alright but I always felt like something was lacking and I wasn't getting a good enough workout, so I decided to try out one of your classes. I was so happy that I made the change! Your class is a real workout and it definitely feels like you've had your butt kicked by the end of it! Your prices are also very reasonable and it's worth every penny, truly. I've paid more in the past and received less of a workout so it's most definitely worth it!  I'm really glad I discovered your class; it's a great group of people and with the workouts ever-changing it keeps things exciting and lets me forget the pain I'm in!" - Suzanne